Dr. Nona Company announces the "Top Trainer" event



Dr. Nona Company announces the "Top Trainer" event


After analyzing the dynamics of the business in the early summer months, we received many requests

from the leaders of the company about changing the promo, therefore Dr. Nona's company management decided to

change the 'Top-Trainer' promotional. As a part of the company's operating strategy ,it's very

important to strengthen the leadership skills, the magnitude, stress resistance

of our leaders and their ability to manage large-scale international business.


This strengthening must occur before you deploy active international expansion. Therefore,

we made the following decision - leaders will be able to get on

teambuilding event on the basis of successful completion of Leadership training.


Leadership training participants who will complete all 16 tasks and passes every one of them,

will receive the right to participate in the company's teambuilding event,

which will take place at 10-11- 12 January, 2017 in Moscow.


Teambuilding will be held at the hotel 'Planernoye', immediately after the

end of the Company's Winter Business Forum.


Leaders who complete all 16 tasks Leadership training:

Plan your stay at the Winter Forum of from 06 to 13 January 2017.