Dr.Nona сompany wishes everyone a happy New Year!




The Company wishes everyone a happy New Year!




Please note that the products' prices will be prorated as 65 Rubles to 1 U.S. dollar beginning of 02/01/2017.


The Company's following offers from 02/01/2017-31/01/2017 are:


(valid only in Russian Federation)




  1. When you make a purchase of 170VP of products, you will get a free product for 30 VP (note: the company will enter only 140 VP into database)


  1.  Place an order of 50VP worth of products, and get a free travel set.



Restrictions apply:


- Offers cannot be combined.

- The following offers cannot be combined with "200VP" and "400VP" offers, "Manager's Purchase" for 700VP and "Director's Purchase" for 3000 VP.