Changes in the accumulative system beginning of 01/12/2016!



Announcement for distributors of Dr. Nona Company.

Dear Distributors!


Motivational "Housing Bonus" program will be discontinued beginning of 01/01/2016 .


Anyone who is participating in this program since 31.12.2015 can still be part of the program.


The accumulative points system will be changed in the following programs beginning of 01/01/2016: "Housing Bonus" and "Car Bonus".


Changes in the accumulative system beginning of 01/12/2016.


1) Changes in section 1 (accumulating additional points for group points without compression Marketing plan p.39)

1700- 2 points

2500-3 points

4000-4 points

5000-5 points

6000 or more- 6 points


- Personal VP can be combined in group value.


2) Section 2 is no longer part of the program (accumulating additional points for personal VP- Marketing plan p.39)


3) Addition to section 3 (accumulating additional points for achieving a status - Marketing plan p.39)

Leading Director Status - additional 1 bonus point.


There will be a deduction of 2 points for "not working month" (those who did not accumulate even 1 point in а month)




Note: A participating distributor in "Housing Bonus" program won't be able to continue to participate in the program in case of deduction of 2 points, while his balance of accumulative program becomes 0 points.