Dr. Nona's 19th annual vacation - “Israel 2015”


Every year the company is excited for its most important guests.

The event is provided with great hospitality and care.

19th annual event was on May 3rd. The top performing distributors were welcomed in Israel.




The first stop was luxury hotel "Herods", which is located in the heart of Israel, in the city of Tel-Aviv. The main event was held the same evening. Dr. Nona and company president Michael Shneerson greeted the guests and presented exclusive products for this event.  


The second day was very emotional and had a busy schedule. The guests visited two important places.

One is the spiritual city, Jerusalem. The second one was the headquarters of Dr. Nona in Israel. 

It was a very unique visit this year. The honored guests got to see the “holy of holies” - the product’s manufacture of Dr. Nona Company.


The following days was devoted for a trip to the two incredible places in Israel, city of Eilat and miraculous Dead Sea.

Dead Sea is an incredible place, a spa with healing and relaxing powers. It is a key to Dr. Nona Company secrets as well.

After visiting the spa, the guests finally arrived to Eilat. The company organized a yacht tour at the Red Sea with plenty of refreshments. It was a unique opportunity to swim in two very different from each other seas, Dead Sea and Red Sea. 


Four days went by unnoticed. However, the guests were satisfied and enjoyed the event.



Dr. Nona Company can’t wait for the next year!

The 20th annual event will be exciting and there will be plenty of surprises!

If you also want to enjoy an exclusive vacation at the expense of the Dr. Nona Company, you are welcome to use the following link

You can explore and learn how to join us next year and not to stay home!



We invite you to enter and view the photos: 


Album no. 1 - Grand opening


Album no. 2 - The company's office


Album no. 3 - Dead Sea


Album no. 4 - Eilat


Album no. 5 - Closing event