Dr. Nona and President of the company Michael Shneerson in Berlin.





On March 18, a long-awaited presentation with the founder of unique Dr.Nona products - Dr. Nona and the president of the company Michael Shneerson was held in Berlin.

Dr. Nona talked in details about how using company's products help preserve our beauty and health. She also mentioned methods that help fight stress, alcoholism, and smoking. Dr. Nona also gave examples of consequences of these habits.





Also, Dr. Nona spoke about new beautiful products that should soon be available on sale.

European listeners had a unique opportunity to ask questions about products. They received detailed and competent answers from Dr. Nona! After the presentation, Dr. Nona held a reception for people with serious health issues.

President of the company Michael Shneerson summed up the company's work over the past 22 years and shared his plans for the company's future work and development.




The company's representatives awarded gifts to current directors during the event.

On behalf of all of those who came to the presentation, we thank Dr. Nona and Michael Shneerson for the excellent presentation.



 Vadim Raevich.