Motivational program "Sponsorship Bonus"


Announcement for distributors of Dr. Nona Company!


Motivational program "Consultant Bonus" is changing to program "Sponsorship Bonus" from 01/01/2016.


"Sponsorship Bonus" is available to any distributor, regardless of their status.


"Sponsorship Bonus" is paid for distributor's personal purchases invited by another distributor, starting with his or hers first purchase (not less than 100 VP), and until he or she reaches the status of "Leading Director".


There is one condition to obtain "Sponsorship Bonus": 100 personal Sponsor points in current month (transfer is possible).

10% additional bonus for the first purchase (not less than 100 points) , and 7% additional bonus for following purchases.


"Sponsorship bonus" paid to all distributors who have signed up from January 1, 2015.


* Following promotion can't be combined with "Motivational program of 400 VP" and "Motivational program of 200 VP". 

** The company reserves the right to adjust or cancel the program.