6 original and practical ideas of applying used Halo Gonseen bags!


The Halo Gonseen is a detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, soothing and toning, improving liver, kidney, endocrine and gastrointestinal tract function, regulating blood pressure and appetite drink. All these and many other features are based on the balanced composition: Paraguayan tea, olive leaves, oregano, calendula, chrysanthemum morifolium, melissa, ornflower and Dead Sea salts.




After drinking the Halo Gonseen you can benefit even from a used bag!


We would like to offer a few original and practical ideas of applying used bags:

*Whenever the word "bag" is mentioned it is referred to as a used bag.


1. Store used bags in a freezer. 

- In case of minor injuries such as wounds, skin inflammations and insect bites you can apply a soaking bag to your hurting spot for a few minutes and get relief - swelling, redness, and itching will be reduced.

- Applying cold soaking bag to your eyes will reduce puffiness and tiredness. 


2. Create natural oil.

Spoon the contents of 8-10 dried bags into a glass jar, add 100 ml of olive oil and boil in a water bath for 40 minutes, store in a dark place for a couple of days. Then strain and pour ready "Gonseen oil" in a clean glass container, preferably dark. The obtained oil can be used for very dry skin and cracked heels. 


3. Use bags as hot compresses to the eyes.

Hot soaking bags will help treating eyelid inflammation, sty and eye infection. 


4. This is a tip for garden lovers.

If you leave dried bags in the areas chosen by insect pests, the smell of herbs will drive them away. 


5. Keep a few bags in your refrigerator.

This will ensure a pleasant smell in your refrigerator every time you open the door.


6. Absorb odors and moisture.

Put a few well-dried bags in your off-season shoes to absorb bad smell and excess moisture.


Enjoy Halo Gonseen and don't forget to keep the bag :)