Ceremonial Presentation in Irkutsk (Russia)


On June 28, 2015, an important event was held in Irkutsk.

Dr. Nona and company president Michael Shneerson were the main guests in our city.

They delivered an unforgettable presentation. People of Irkutsk were delighted with the event. In addition, plenty of attendees from the Irkutsk region, and the surrounding region of Buryatia took part in this occasion.



Despite the hot day (which is very rare in Siberia), the city theatre was full.

The event attracted many viewers, including younger and older generation. Dr. Nona and Michael Shneerson were greeted with a grand round of applause. The presentation was very interesting and can be considered as “Master Class”.

The region was inspired and is looking forward for new accomplishments.

Furthermore, this event gives even more confidence to regular users of the company’s products. They chose the right company and the right brand. And, for many it was the starting point in the decision to be not only the user, but also to become a worthy partner of the company.



Dear Dr. Nona and company president Michael Shneerson, please receive our sincere gratitude for your tireless work and for your ability to inspire people. You allow building a new life that includes wealth and well-being.


With love and gratitude,

Dr. Nona Company Irkutsk’s regional team.