Dr. Nona's 10th International College- It's only the beginning!


"We are stronger together!
The most successful International College event!!!"
Ruth Shneerson, General Director of Dr. Nona Company.
Tenth College event by Dr. Nona Company was truly a significant event. Enchanting atmosphere, hundreds of sparkling eyes and beautiful smiles were only part of the huge success. And, damn, it was AMAZING!!!
Challenges make us stronger. During 22 years in the history of Dr. Nona company, we faced  over and over different types of challenges. Whether it was world crises, political or financial disputes, human errors... and etc! But…
We aren't afraid of any problem!
We learned to overcome problems by keeping our head up, over and over again. If one or another issue came up, we managed to solve them easily by simply laughing in their faces! Just because we can do it. Now we all can! And, we are ready to act!
We became very creative, gained the ability to lead and guide people throughout tough times!
We are wiser, warmer, and kinder to each other. We listen, learn new skills and follow the saying "You reap what you sow"!
We live and breathe Dr. Nona Company! And, that's just the beginning! We are ready to conquer the world. And the world only helps us to achieve it along the way! Thanks to everyone who took part in the tenth College event by Dr. Nona Company! We started the 2016 year as winners!
And remember: nothing is impossible! It is only just the beginning for us! Cheers, ladies and gentlemen, Hurray !!!