Dr. Nona's 18th annual vacation- 2014

Dr. Nona Company presents: FREE Luxurious vacation for its best distributors


Every year Dr. Nona Company rewards its distributors. This year the distributors who have reached their annual targets got a luxurious vacation to a surprising destination. 


Israel was the destination in 2014. The vacation was more festive and luxurious than usual due to the company’s 20th anniversary celebration.  


On June 4th, 250 distributors has landed at Ben Gurion Airport from different countries of the world.

The vacation began at the Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv. After a short rest, the guests enjoyed a festive opening event, which was attended by the company’s management. 


The next day started with a tour to the capital of Israel, where travelers visited all the holy sites in Jerusalem.  In the evening they visited Dr. Nona Company's new offices that were inaugurated in the previous year. 


The following day began with a trip to the Dead Sea. The distributors got to enjoy mud masks, and familiarized with the Company's symbol and the origin of every product ever produced by Dr. Nona Company. 


The final destination of the vacation was city of Eilat, which is in the south of Israel.  


The guests spent a special and full of activities weekend in Eilat. Swimming with dolphins, spa treatments and Brazilian Carnival Parties into the night were among these activities.  


We invite you to enter and view the photos:


Album no. 1- Welcoming the guests  


Album no. 2- Festive opening


Album no. 3- A trip to the north


Album no. 4- Jerusalem


Album no. 5- Dr. Nona's "Walk of Fame"


Album no. 6- A dip in the Dead Sea


Album no. 7- Fun activities weekend in Eilat


Album no. 8- Grand closing event