Igor and Irina Plats


Name: Igor and Irina Plats                     

Rank: President Director

Country: Ukraine

Working since: 1996



Advices to Dr. Nona's new distributors:


The most important thing is to believe in success, believe in yourself, love what you do and respect the people you are working with.
Equally important aspect is constantly working and improving yourself - it’s the most difficult task, but also the most rewarding one.
It requires a lot of investment, time and patience. People will follow you when you obey the relativity law: people’s thoughts about
you have to be relative to your actions.
Business world built on relationships between people. You are always in sight, and you always have to think before you act. 
Your actionsmust be consistent with ethical business standards.
Today, we wish Dr. Nona Company to serve as a model and as a perfect example for MLM business industry.
We have the power as part of an international company with a creative team, and one main goal - to promote ourselves and the 

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