Natalia Tebenkova


Name: Natalia Tebenkova                     

Rank: Sapphire Director

Country: Russia

Working since: 2004


Advices to Dr. Nona's new distributors:

All our dreams, plans, and beliefs will come true when we are fully committed to certain goal. Once we realize it they become reality.


First of all, you must remember two things:


1. Always plan ahead your goals, and all the means that necessary to achieve your dream.

2. Always be optimistic and never lose faith.


Here are 5 tips that help you succeed:


1. Set your initial goals. Concentrate on one main goal that will affect your life the most.

2. Write the goal on a clean piece of paper. Be specific.

3. Assemble a timetable for every action and step to reach the goal you set. Write them down on the same piece of paper.

4. Mark the deadline to perform the main task, and the dates you plan to complete each step.

5. Take action completing each step by step. 

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