Ludmila Martinenko


Name: Ludmila Martinenko  

Rank: Sapphire Director    

Country: Ukraine 

Working since: 1998

I started working for Dr. Nona International in 1998.
What I love the most about the company, is the fact that one can always learn from others,  select a role model within the company 
and restore his or hers success story. I learned various marketing methods which helped me to achieve the best results.
One of the company’s executives once said "We need team leaders". This phrase was captured in my memory and it is absolutely true.
It is hard when you are the only leader on the team.  I was seeking for leaders who will join my team and follow me on the 
Quest for Success.
People! In order to succeed in MLM business you need constantly adjust to the current time. 
If you don’t change, you will stay behind.
Change starts from within, trust your intuition and then change can happen around you. 
I understood that successful person is one who can motivate himself. 

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