A success story of a simple Russian woman


Name: Klara Larionova  

Rank: Platinum Director 

Country: Russia  

Working since: 1995 


I was born in a small village in Russia. Since my childhood I was not afraid of challenges and hard work, and dreamed of a completely different life, by drawing it in my head. I knew what I want - a nice house, a big family, and to travel all over the world.

After I met my husband, we both became production workers and worked at the same factory in the same shop.

In the late eighties and early nineties life has begun to change precipitously. Everything around us was crumbling. Factory jobs cuts were everywhere. My husband and I began to look for a new way to survive in this chaos without awaiting for an imminent collapse.


We became familiar with the world of the network marketing. We were very lucky- we got into Herbalife, and were trained how to behave, how to talk, how to make a presentation, how to work with people, how to plan our business and how to achieve results. I became a good networker.


In 1995, a friend of mine from Herbalife had told us about a new unknown company, which had a very simple, elegant and affordable marketing plan and interesting products for the market- mainly cosmetics.

Since 1995 I have started my path with Dr. Nona Company.

After 2 weeks I became a manager and opened my own center to train my own recruits, and for the past 20 years my training center is open.

All my hard work made me realized I must fight my own battles. 


I received an award "Woman of the Year" in the "Healthcare" category for my achievements in 2004.

Nevertheless, I continued to study and work hard.


I have some pieces of advice for those who choose the path of the network business:
Look for ways to develop your business. Do not rely on others, take full responsibility, and train your people to do the same. Open your own training centers. Never give up. Professional networkers are EVERYTHING in this business, and it is very important to become a professional.

The world is big and versatile and you may play an important part it.

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