Elena Kutimskaya


Name: Elena Kutimskaya  

Rank: Sapphire Director   

Country: Russia  

Working since: 1996


Someone once said: "Your earnings are equal to the level of the assimilated knowledge".

Apparently the level of knowledge of the higher education institution, which I graduated from, was not high enough to provide me with a decent livelihood.


In 2000 I've met Dr. Nona Company. I had an experience with the MLM business before, and I must say that I did not become wealthy. Moreover, I have made my mind: no more MLM!

But Dr. Nona Company has completely turned my life around.

The stunning health condition results of my family and first customers have shown me the unlimited possibilities of the self-realization!


In 2004 I moved to Russia and my business has received a newgust of wind. When a lot of people striving for success are gathering together - success is guaranteed.

Over the years I have created a strong team in different regions of Russia and abroad.


It is impossible to list all the things that I have changed and that have appeared in my life over the last several years.

Now, I have an annual vacation covered by the company, I bought  apartments for myself and for my eldest daughter, but my most important thing is the people I met in the company and the invaluable experience I gained.


My current status is a "Sapphire Director" and I have a whole bunch of plans and goals.


Once a disciple asked his master:

- How long I should wait for the better days?

- If you wait, then it's a long time – replied the Master.


I am not waiting, I'm acting!

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