Vladimir Gershanov


Name: Vladimir Gershanov

Rank: President Director 

Country: Russia

Working since: 1995


What made you join Dr. Nona International?

In 1993, several years after immigrating to Israel, I moved back to Moscow. I had no money, no job, and no place to sleep. Since lacking any official documents, I couldn't get settled in the city, secure a job or set up a business. I earned for a living from selling t-shirts during the day and driving a rented car at night. Those were difficult jobs, but I never gave up and constantly looked for new opportunities. When Herbalife started operating in Russia, I immediately realized MLM's potential. I liked the human aspect of the strategy, the opportunity it provided to help people and its promising economic potential. The problem was that I was not comfortable with their aggressive marketing techniques.

During that time period, I met Dr. Nona and Michael Shneerson. They identified my MLM potential right away. Furthermore, they gave me hope and a business opportunity when I most needed them. With the help of this wonderful couple, I could finally set up my own business and work through MLM using my own gradual and gentle approach.



What were the first days like?

In 1995 I closed all my other businesses, borrowed money from friends and started setting up my own marketing system. I rented an office, took out dozens of ads and worked 16 hours a day. My friends and family were sure I was going financially collapse and tried to dissuade me.

At first, those who were joining me were not seasoned businesspeople, but unemployed women in their 40's with no management or marketing skills.



Looking back, how do you view your time in the company, from the first day until today?

Today, my team and I enjoy a high quality of life, economically and health-wise. It's mostly thanks to Dr. Nona. The women who believed in me and were willing to work with me in the very first stages are still by my side, and together we set up several successful businesses. Today, I can proudly say that I can support my children  and grandchildren. When I look back at the long road we travelled together and  I see the smiles on my family members' faces, I realize that this is my life's crowning achievement.



What is your advice to Dr. Nona's new distributors?

Believe in the products and the marketing system, and work hard. This is what it came down to  me and my team. It wasn't always easy, but I'm a living proof that it was worth it.


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