Elena Rutkovskaya


Name: Elena Rutkovskaya 

Rank: Platinum Director  

Country: Ukraine  

Working since: 1998 


I'm a pediatrician, reflexotherapy professional. I came to Dr. Nona Company with serious health problems 17 years ago.

I was only 33 years old. I wasn’t planning to go under the knife at this early age. I put my trust in Dr. Nona. The result was magnificent. My body has fully recovered.


As a doctor, I couldn’t keep the results only to myself. I quit my job. I reached the “Director” level. The first 5 years in the company I dedicated myself healing sick people with the compant procucts. I was happy with every result.

I want to thank my sponsors. They helped me to see the bigger picture and business perspective. I was lucky to participate in various events organized by them.


During these years I realized the most important key to happiness. It’s not your own success, but seeing your recruits succeed as well.   

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