Lyudmila Cherenkova


Name: Lyudmila Cherenkova  

Rank: Gold Director   

Country: Russia  

Working since: 1996


There is a popular saying: "When the Lord wants to give you a gift, he wraps it with problems".

That's what happened during my life's journey.


I consider my arrival to the Dr. Nona Company in October 1996 as my second birth.

At that time, in my 40's, I had no money, no job, and had two children and a large bouquet of health problems. I wasn't living, I was surviving. At this difficult time I received a gift of fate - I met with Dr. Nona Company.


Thanks to the unique products and opportunities offered by the company, my life has completely changed. I regained my health and strengthen my children's health. I learned to dream, to set goals and achieve them. My life has become interesting and meaningful.

Multi- Level Marketing is a constant interaction with people, so over the years I have gained a lot of friends. I am engaged in self-education, because moving up in the career ladder is first of all about personal growth. Today I can confidently say that the network business with Dr. Nona Company helps to manage your life and to realize your dreams.


Before joining the company I had only one goal - to raise my children. I have stopped dreaming and just "went with the flow". Only here I realized that knowing your objectives is the first step on the road to success. The main thing is to learn to appreciate what you have, to strive for your goals and to enjoy  already achieved ones. In fact, the network business is very simple. But like any business, it is based on its own rules, and if we're fulfilling them, then we get the desired result.


Over the years, through all the difficulties, the ups and downs, I can confidently look into the future. I have visited many countries around the world with my family, my husband is my best assistant, and our children live in their own apartments.


Thanks to  cooperation with a reliable company, I managed to improve the quality of life not only for myself and my family, but also to help to do exactly the same for many other people, who become members of my cohesive and successful team. After all, network business - is a team business.


Remember that happiness is not some place that you can get to; it is a state of mind that you create.

Dream is a beginning of a victory- never carry a white flag. Otherwise you can’t win.

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