Success Stories

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A person must make a decision once he engages MLM business whether this is a business or a hobby.

The difference is obvious. Hobby causes us to spend money, while business to produce income. What do you prefer?


Like any rational person, we assume that you would choose the second option. For this specific reason we have gathered the best success stories by the leading distributors of the Dr. Nona Company, who chose to share their experiences.


We often recognize people only after they become successful, but not when they struggle to achieve it. As a result, there is a distorted perception about one can achieve success overnight. However, behind every "overnight" success story hides a true story of someone, who has been struggling and sweating for years, while only few people were supporting him. 


Company founders, Dr. Nona Kuchina and Michael Shneerson, success stories are well known.

Yet, who are these people who believed in them and thanks to them the company attained its status?

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