Saved by the Bell


Dr. Nona: "Stress can be portrayed as a plant that has roots, stem, branches and fruits. Let's interpret the analogy and start with the fruits.

The fruits are the result of certain illness such as peptic ulcer disease, gastrointestinal disease, asthma, dermatitis, diabetes, hypotension, and etc.

The branches represent the symptoms of the stress: insomnia, headache, confusion, and etc.

We are always surprised that one child never misses school and yet another one is constantly sick. Children react differently to the stress situations. We are lucky to find a solution to this problem. 


Stress thought to be an issue that is only connected to elders. But, nowadays psychologists and doctors help even the younger people with stress situations.

A child faces a lot of challenges from the first day of school. There are plenty of demands from parents and teachers. He or she meets other children and interacts with them. We didn't even mention the possibility that he can move to another city or change schools.

According to the specialists, all these factors can lead to "school stress". But, attentive parent can recognize these factors right away.

There is an undeniable connection between our body and the mind. Therefore, make sure that the child eats healthy and sleeps well for his well being. 

How can we recognize "school stress" and what are the tools to help deal with it?


1. If the child (ages 6-16) has noticeable mood swings,  sleep disorders, bedwetting, physical discomfort such as abdominal pain and headaches, trouble concentrating, it's time to act! All the issues that are mentioned above eventually can lead to poor academic performance. It can lead the child to spend more time alone and avoid contact with his peers or even loved ones. 

Thus, make your child a cup of Halo Chocoseen for breakfast. It has a rich chocolate flavor and contains a balanced complex of vitamins (A, C, D, E and B vitamins) and minerals that are essential to strengthen the immune system. One sachet of Halo Chocoseen  has everything you need for your kid's well being.


2. Children ages 6 to 10 years old who are in the elementary school can acquire bad habits such as nail biting, sucking on fingers, playing with a hair, picking the nose, or biting the lips. Therefore, try Halo Soupseen during the lunch time in addition to Halo Chocoseen in the morning.  

The modern diet often cannot provide our body with all the nutrients. Hence, Halo Soupseen contains Opuntia flowers powder that helps lower cholesterol level, glucose level, reduce fats in the blood and even increase the productivity.

When the student has to do his homework, participate in any extracurricular activities or even just to play with his friends in the middle of the day, Halo Soupseen will enhance his performance and even boost his confidence. 


3. Older students ages 10-16 have different type of stress. Teenagers may begin to lie, bully, or challenge others. You might expect an aggressive reaction when you ask them regular questions or request them to do something. Their immune system becomes weaker and they are exposed to various viruses or diseases as a result.

Therefore, teaspoon of Dr. Nona's Halo Imunseen that contains elder berry and Halo Complex™ will strengthen their immune system and boost their mood.


4. Stress is a part of life of an adult and a child. School and social issues can create stress in children's life that can affect their relationships with parents, friends and others. The various factors such as moving to another house or school, taking final exams, sport practices, video games and etc can build up stress. Halo Dynamic cream and a piece of Halo Dakseen can be very useful tools to deal with stress and give a boost of new energy.


5. Always remember that the child builds habits at young age. Proper nutrition is a key for his development and reaching his full potential. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of bad habits such as fast food addiction.

We all have our grandparents who spoil us and give us sweets and candies. There is nothing wrong with spoiling our children or grandchildren. However, we have to make sure that they are eating healthy and get the utmost attention from us. Always smile and support them. 


6. According to Dr. Nona, "not all children are born leaders and it's often impossible to predict who will be the next Alexander the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte. And, leadership skill is an essential tool today.

Every parent wants to raise a strong, confident and successful child. Even if the child wasn't born with this skill, it doesn't mean you cannot teach it or pass it over to the next generation.

It is a part of our "survival" instict. Being a leader means to be healthy, deal with stressful situations, build a character and be a role model.

I am glad that we can help every parent to fulfill his or hers mission to raise a child."