New Year’s Fresh Start


According to the Jewish calendar in a few days the New Year will begin. The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are called days of forgiveness and mercy.

According to the tradition we are supposed to forgive and repent to everyone. Mostly, we need to learn how to forgive ourselves.


When we forgive others it’s easier to forgive ourselves. Most of us have internal stress, anxiousness, negative emotions, and frustrations which influence our health, weaken the immune system, increase weight gain and hurt internal organs. If you get nervous you might get heart problems, if you get angry your blood pressure will rise, if you run after the bus you might grab your side.

The connection between emotions and the physical body is inevitable. The scientific studies are always trying to find an explanation to this phenomenon.

Experts of Dr. Nona Company specialize in product development to find the perfect formula to life balance. “We consume what’s on our minds, and that makes us who we are.”


How can we help a person to find a personal balance, mind and physical? Stay in shape for a long time and be happy.


The main mission of Dr. Nona is to create a product to benefit the human body. “Anti-stress policy” of the company helps the customer to find the solution to the possible problems. One of the innovations of the company is the age group products. Anyone can start consuming the dietary supplements at a young age and a personal “first aid” kit by Dr. Nona is there to help. In addition, we will help you to create your personal program and reply to your questions. Here few examples from your letters to us.


“It is important for me to lose weight. I’m getting depressed and not taking proper care of myself including my daily responsibilities. Therefore, I barely can get up in the mornings and getting frustrated with everyone around me, which results into lethargic feeling.”

Extra weight usually leads to depression, chronic fatigue and sleepiness. If you or your loved ones are facing these symptoms, here’s what you need to add to your daily diet: drink one cup of Halo Gonseen every morning and evening. Take one to two capsules of Halo Loveseen a day. Make sure that you follow a balance diet and exercise daily. Dr. Nona product will help you slowly but steady lose weight, balance sugar levels, improve focus, increase productivity and overall will make you feel strong and healthy.


“My son is a student in middle school and lately it’s difficult for him to get up in morning. Teachers are saying he is not concentrating on the questions in class and doesn’t complete any tasks. How can I help my son?”

Children who are going through adolescences need the most of our attention.  Dr. Nona recommends analyzing the student aspects: friends, diet, sleep pattern, social media and hobbies. You can also speak with the teacher, family doctor or psychologist. However, Dr. Nona suggests adding to the student’s diet one cup of Halo Chocoseen in the morning and one tablespoon of Halo Imunseen at lunch. These dietary supplements will improve his immune system and focus. It will also boost his or hers self-esteem that will lead to good grades and success. 



“I’m a 56 year old man and got married for a second time to a 50 year old woman; we have the perfect relationship and understanding of each other. Although, there is one problem, I am losing energy and stamina. I don’t want to give specific examples but I heard that dietary supplements will provide energy for my age.”

Men over fifty years of age need to reevaluate their lifestyle as health issues arise. These health conditions can be the following: various heart diseases, hypertensive diseases, obesity, sciatica, prostatic and others. To prevent these health risks Dr. Nona advises to take one capsule of Halo Goldseen which will boost immune system, increase productivity and give you essential vitamins and minerals.  Dr. Nona recommends you to look at your lifestyle and add more vegetables, fruits, natural juices, and reduce sweets to your diet. Start a work out regime by purchasing work-out gear and breathe fresh air.


Before the holiday our readers have the opportunity to get rid of bad habits; feel strong physically and mentally.

We recommend for you to visit our website www.drnona.com and take look at our Halo Complex sets.


We hope your year will have a fresh start, strong health, increased self-esteem, plenty of smiles and you will make your wishes come true.

Happy 5777 year!