Spring has arrived – the sneezing is on it's way


The sunny weather, the blooming flowers covering the ground and the cool evening breezes, all sound like the perfect setting for the onset of spring, at least for some of us…

Seasonal allergies, a common medical phenomenon, especially in this season defined by the pollens released from flowers, trees and plants, make this a hard season for many people to enjoy.


To get through this change of season in peace, we would like to introduce you to Halo Pulmoseen.


The Halo Pulmoseen dietary supplement has rightfully become both popular and respected. It works as a leading means of preventative medicine against the phenomenon of spring allergies, viruses and infections.

Halo Pulmoseen gets the immune system working, increases the body’s resistance to negative environmental influences and improves health in general.


Thanks to the anti-oxidants provided by Halo Pulmoseen (beta carotene, vitamins C and E and selenium) it helps to prevent the creation of free radicals in the body.


What is the difference between Halo Pulmoseen and Pulmoseen?

Improved and more efficient formula of beta carotene, a powerful anti-oxidant which is the central element driving the activity of Halo Pulmoseen.

You can never have enough beta carotene, and in order for cells to make use of it, it needs to penetrate all of the body’s capillaries. The new beta carotene formula allows it to penetrate the human body much more easily than ordinary carotenoids. As such, its conversion to vitamin A is faster, and it is absorbed more easily into blood vessels.


Halo Pulmoseen:

 - Protects against free radicals;

 - Increases the body’s ability to withstand pressure;

 - Helps the body to adapt to complex and exceptional conditions;

 - Strengthens the immune system;

 - Increases the body’s ability to defend itself against pollutants.


Halo Pulmoseen – effective treatment for the whole family!