The Practical Guide to the Path to Wealth

Michael Shneerson (President of Dr. Nona Company)


Money isn't everything in life! Just 99% of it..." Damon Runyon


Why do most people, over the course of their lives, fail to become wealthy?

If you begin your career at age 25, what are your chances of becoming a millionaire at age 65?

The answer, unfortunately, is disappointing: according to statistical data, only 0.2% have such chances. It is easy to learn the basic principles of the profit gain theory; so why are so few people rich?

The answer is simple: it is easier to remain poor. It is easy to save ten percent of your monthly income, easier to spend the money, but the easiest thing is not earn it at all.

Some like to relax in front of the television while others like to travel abroad. Each of them believes that his way of relaxing is best. However, there are typical situations associated with people who do not have money. Paradoxical as this may seem, the principles held by poor people are those preventing them from creating wealth i.e. getting rich.


1. People without money cannot imagine what it's like to be rich…

"Wealth is the savings of many in the hands of one." Julian Tuwim


What do you consider wealth? Can you imagine a particular number? The definition 'a lot of money' is meaningless. For a person making $500 a month, $10,000 is a lot of money; for a person making $10,000 a month, a lot of money is $100,000.

Try and imagine in your subconscious a precise sum of money; this sum shall signify wealth for you.

Life is like a company selling products by mail order; you receive just what you order. You cannot order something 'easy and cheap' by mail; you need to be precise.

In order to attain a clear image of what you consider wealth, three things are needed:

1. Take a picture (or pictures) of all the things you would like to have, and keep them in a special album.

2. Think a lot about who you would like to be, what you would like to do, and what you would like to have.

3. Meditate for five minutes a day. Close your eyes and try to see, hear, and touch the feel and the taste of your dreams.


2. People who don't have money do nothing proactive to earn more money.

"There can't be any favorable wind to a captain who doesn't know his port." Seneca


Many works have been written on the means and methods for achieving success in business, and all include a chapter on the necessity of defining goals in life – big, medium and small. In my opinion, only the big goals require definition. In the process of their achievement, we will succeed in achieving the medium and small goals as well. If you have a large goal, it will always be a light that guides you.

I shall try to illustrate why it is only necessary to set the global goals.


If you define the small goal, then when inevitable difficulties arise they will obfuscate the goal; thus, you will not see anything before you except the problems. However, if the big goal is set before you, the problems will not conceal it, and when you solve these problems you will move forward, straight towards it. It is no coincidence that the American billionaire Ted Turner said: “you should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for."


3. People without money are afraid to take responsibility.

"The price of greatness is responsibility." Winston Churchill


People waste a great deal of energy dealing with the question 'why not', and they will always find a wide variety of excuses. People who rephrase the question to 'what is the right way' will be able to focus on solving the problem.

We must always take responsibility for our lives. No one else is responsible for our fate – neither doctors nor lawyers etc. These people can help us, but the responsibility is ours.


4. People without money are unwilling to take another step forward.

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it." Jordan Belfort


Whoever looks for excuses for himself, will always find them. There are two very popular and very dangerous excuses; dangerous because they are considered life principles, but are actually false and deceitful: "I suffice with what I have" and "I would succeed if I really wanted to". What underlies these statements is fear and insecurity.

Growth and development bring true satisfaction; however, this is an ongoing process. It is know that a tree grows until the day it dies. Anyone who ceases to grow and improve dies inside. Whoever gives it all and walks the extra mile will always succeed.

If you invest in receiving 100% returns, you will achieve 80% results.

If you invest in receiving 200% returns, you will succeed in achieving 100% results!


5. What is the price of wealth?

"Time is money". Benjamin Franklin

"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend." Theophrastus


How many horror stories have you heard about the price people pay for achieving wealth? Things such as loss of health, disintegration of families, people losing their human character, and more.

In reality, your health and family unity depend only on you. Money has one effect only: the lack of it will cause the greatest damage to your health and relationships.

The road to wealth doesn’t have to be arduous; however, as with anything else, wealth comes at a price, and you will pay it- in time.


I wish you, dear readers, to understand that what I've described here is neither mere theory nor flowery words.

I was over fifty when my wife Dr. Nona and I set ourselves a clear, major goal: to create a product that would help people. We took loans at crazy interest rates, and sold our house and car. We moved into a tiny little rented apartment with our three small children. We both took responsibility for our mistakes and successes. We invested 300% work and did not allow the hardships that arose to obscure the big goal. We always believed we would succeed – and we did.

But now, on the basis of my experience, I can say with confidence that if you decide you're going to succeed, it's only a matter of time and self-belief. The price to be paid for future success is- time in the present.

To be rich is the right of all, not only the select few; you must not forget this!

"I was once very poor; then I became very rich. Now I know that it's better to be rich". Grouch Marx