Habits that make your hands look old.


Hands and face are our personal business card. We need thoroughly to take care of them. Let's take a minute to talk about hand care since we mention face care a lot.

Our hands go through a lot: household chemicals exposure, weather changes, hormonal imbalance and aging process.

How do we slow down skin aging process?

We might want to change our daily habits that have a direct effect on our skin.


1. If we use cleaning supplies without gloves, it is a disaster for very delicate skin. Therefore, wash your hands and moisturize the hands to prevent skin aging. http://us.drnona.com/en/products/product/hand-and-nail-treatment







2.Weather can be another factor for skin aging process, and our skin hands are often exposed when we go outside. We recommend nourishing and moisturizing your hands as many times as possible throughout the day.


3.Water and disinfectants dry out our skin when we are constantly washing and disinfecting our hands. A good habit is to moisturize your hands after every contact with water and soap.



Let's change our habits and take care of our hands today!