Michael Shneerson


Even as a child, Michael exhibited the qualities that would later enable him to propel Dr. Nona International into a global success. From an early age, he exhibited intelligence, creativity and ambition, and enjoyed a love of mathematics, electronics and handicrafts. He was an excellent student and entered the workforce at the age of 14, subsequently getting promoted to positions manned by senior and experienced workers.


After completing high school, Michael was accepted to study Technological Studies in the Kiev Technicom. He graduated with honors and was drafted to the Russian military. In 1965, following a visit from an Israeli relative, Michael started to become interested in Israel. Even though he held an enviable position as a senior engineer, in 1970 he filed for permission to immigrate to Israel. The demand for his engineering skills overcame the language barrier, and before long, he was able to buy a car and an apartment. When the 1973 Yom Kippur War erupted a few months later, he was called to serve in the Israeli army and quickly became an expert marksman and earned a reputation as an outstanding soldier and commander.


After completing his military service, Michael began working as a development manager in a multi-national corporation. A series of innovations he initiated succeeded in streamlining the work and saved the corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars. In his free time, Michael and his friend developed unique, cutting-edge car locks which attracted the interest of several leading business figures.


Michael then established a silverware business catered to tourists and entered into a South African real-estate partnership. Michael's thriving silverware business was adversely affected by the First Palestinian Intifada that broke out in 1987, and he was forced to return to Israel from South Africa to shut down operations. Soon after he met Nona, and the two have been a couple ever since.


One day, Nona returned from work at Tel Aviv University with a sensational discovery: there is life in the Dead Sea. She conceived of the idea of developing products based on the forces of life that allowed these organisms to thrive in the Dead Sea's extremely inhospitable environment – and Michael quickly realized this vision's great potential. While she gathered a development team around her, Michael raised money for the newly founded company, which allowed them to overcome their lack of equity or connections, and finance research and development. Michael soon devised a marketing strategy using independent distributers. This enabled the company to advance and grow without seeking additional capital for opening shops or launching advertising campaigns. This ingenious strategy propelled the company’s unprecedented growth and, over the years, has allowed Nona and Michael to provide business opportunities and improve the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of distributers.


As Dr. Nona and her team's new products became popular with the new Israeli immigrants from Russia, Michael realized how the company should proceed. He recruited and trained the first generation of distributers from among the Russian immigrant community and sent them to Russia to test the reaction of the local market to these products. It didn't take long for them to score a huge success. From that point on, the company roared forward.


Through the years, Michael has led Dr. Nona, International through complex challenges, including the 1998 Russian financial crisis and the 2008 global financial crisis. His level-headed approach consistently guided the company on the right path, and the company survived these downturns and went on to thrive. Today, for over 20 years after Nona and Michael set out on their journey, the company's products are being sold in over 40 countries through a network of 300,000 distributers.


In addition to the central role Michael plays in the day-to-day operations of Dr. Nona International, he continues to refine and develop the company's distribution system and set more goals for success. His deep regard for all distributers, innovative business vision and recognition of the potency of the MLM strategy are the foundations of Dr. Nona International's business success.