Dr. Nona Kuchina


At the age of 17, Nona received two life-changing pieces of news. She learned she had been accepted to medical school and that she had lymphatic cancer. The young girl was told she was going to die. The doctors, intent on saving her life, performed a grueling series of painful surgeries, combined with chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. Her hair fell off and her body swelled and became covered with rashes. But she did not lose hope.


After the treatments failed, the doctors told her parents something that she will carry with her forever: "The girl's days are numbered". Despite this devastating prognosis, her parents refused to despair, and insisted that the hospital perform one last surgery. It lasted for five and a half hours, and when it was over, the doctors told her parents that a main artery had been damaged during the operation. They expected her life to end within minutes. Her parents rushed to her bedside to say their goodbyes, but then minutes turned into hours and Nona was still alive. Inspired by Nona's remarkable strength, the doctors decided to perform yet another surgery, which ultimately saved her life.


The life force that Nona discovered within herself during her ordeal continues to empower her to this day. Not long after her recovery, she began her medical studies, eventually graduating with honors. She vowed to dedicate her career to improving the quality of life and lengthening the life spans of people throughout the world.


She soon challenged herself yet again when she decided to immigrate to Israel. At that time, the Communist Soviet Union did not allow Jews to leave, but again, Nona refused to give up and she fought with local authorities for nine long years. When she turned 33, her struggles finally bore fruit and Nona received approval to leave the country. Although she did not speak a word of Hebrew, she nevertheless decided to leave her homeland for Israel. Accompanied by her grandfather and two children, she set off to open a new chapter in her compelling life story.


Without speaking a word in Hebrew, Nona managed to achieve the unimaginable for new immigrants. She promptly learned Hebrew and was hired as a professor at Tel Aviv University, one of Israel's most prestigious academic institutions. During that period, she met Michael Shneerson, her future husband and partner in the founding of Dr. Nona International.


While working in the university, Nona based her research on the discovery that transformed her life. Contrary to popular belief, there is life in the Dead Sea. She researched the subject and quickly focused on the Archaebacteria that dwelled in the Dead Sea’s highly salty waters. Against the advice of her colleagues, she left her lucrative position at the university and, together with her husband Michael, set up a team of researchers and scientists.


Their goal was to create a brand of products that reflected their ideals. The love and perfect coordination the couple still enjoys to this day served as the foundation upon which the company was built. Michael took charge of developing the complex business infrastructure required, allowing Dr. Nona to implement the company's vision of dreaming big and acting big in order to turn dreams into reality. The brand the couple envisioned was inspired by their profound confidence in the wisdom and abundance of nature. Within several years it became an extraordinary success story.


Today, more than two decades after Dr. Nona and Michael embarked on their journey, millions of people around the world are benefiting from the revolutionary Halo Complex™-based products developed by Dr. Nona. Dr. Nona continues to lead the international operations of the Dr. Nona brand, and also serves as a member of the Russian Academy of Nature Sciences and the Academy of Technological and Social Studies in New York. She has written more than 60 science articles in addition to nine novels, and was awarded the 2000 Israeli Woman of the Year award in recognition of her medical contributions.